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My work represents fragments of dreams, fantasies, and moments in time.  My protagonists are part human, part vegetable. By insinuating these fanciful hybrids into precarious and toxic situations, I can explore themes of vulnerability, desire, greed, and industry gone awry.  The genesis of this body of work occurred 28 years ago when my first child was born. As a young mother I tried to make sense of the disposable world of diapers.  I imagined mountains of diapers festering in landfills for millions of years.  Then I imagined a new world and the post-human creatures that might inherit it. 

A Libra, I continually strive to bring balance into my art.  I am the person who always sees two sides to every story, balancing family and work, society and solitude, whimsy and cold reality.  This work balances the beauty I see in nature with the ugliness that I have contributed to it as an active member of a disposable culture. 

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